• A space reserved for manager

    A space reserved for manager
    Discover this tool designed to meet your evaluation and certification needs.

  • An interactive map

    An interactive map
    Visualise the location of all ecocertified accommodations in Europe.

  • Information sheets on establishments

    Information sheets on establishments
    Ecolabelled accommodations inform you of their environmental action

  • Explore our two complementary spaces

    Explore our two complementary spaces
    To highlight the EU Ecolabel and facilitate certification for tourist accommodations

  • The new EU Ecolabel criteria are available!

    The new EU Ecolabel criteria are available!
    The Ecolabel Toolbox has been updated


The EU Ecolabel Toolbox is designed for the managers of tourist accommodations who want to obtain EU Ecolabel certification. The tools guide and assist them in the various stages of the application procedure: understanding the EU Ecolabel specifications and requirements, conducting an internal assessment of the establishment, drawing up an action plan to meet the certification criteria, preparing the application file, devising commercial and marketing argumentation. The website is also aimed at a broader audience, and includes a list and map of certified EU Ecolabel establishments in Europe.

The EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is the official label of the European Commission that certifies environmentally friendly products and services. The criteria for the label are compiled in two repositories, one for Tourist accommodations and one for Camping facilities. These criteria ensure a reduced environmental impact for the tourist accommodation as a whole: linen service, housekeeping and cleaning, food service, maintenance, spa and swimming pool facilities, green areas, etc.


The EU Ecolabel Toolbox was developed in early 2015 by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), in collaboration with certification bodies. This tool is a more comprehensive and user-friendly version of a first tool created under the European ShMILE 2 project. The ShMILE 2 project started up in January 2012, promoting the European Ecolabel for tourist accommodations and camping facilities.

Discover the Ecolabel Toolbox

A dedicated workspace for establishments

A dedicated workspace for establishments

Whether your establishment is certified or not, in your confidential Ecolabel Toolbox workspace you can carry out a self-audit to see how your establishment measures up under the EU Ecolabel, elaborate an environmental action plan, track the advancement of your EU Ecolabel project, use documentation templates and easily renew your certification.

For organisations that work with establishments on EU Ecolabel certification, this space will help you see how your establishments are progressing.

Look at the demonstration space and register free of charge to access your own private workspace.


The requirements of the EU Ecolabel specifications

The requirements of the EU Ecolabel specifications

Discover the mandatory and optional criteria established by the EU Ecolabel in different areas: Energy, Water, Waste, Detergents and disinfectants, Hazardous products, Other services, General management. Assess your establishment and your practices, in order to improve your overall management and boost the attractiveness of your establishment.

Concrete technical solutions

Concrete technical solutions

You want to reduce your energy and water consumption, cut down on waste or recycle, and limit the environmental impact of your establishment and its activities. This section proposes solutions corresponding to your aims, that will enable you to meet the EU Ecolabel criteria. With these steps the EU Ecolabel is within your reach!

A marketing and communications toolkit

A marketing and communications toolkit

How can you make the most of the EU Ecolabel? How can you capitalise on the action taken to protect the environment? In this section you will find 10 recommendations and a set of guidelines to help you integrate the European Ecolabel certification in your marketing strategy. Boost your attractiveness with environmental certification!