Accessibility Policy

The availability term covers many aspects. There was first the material and technical accessibility entails having a computer and an appropriate search engine. But there is also accessible to all users regardless of motor skills, sensory or mental.
Regarding the material aspect, our supplier has been attentive to the different configurations of computers currently on the market. He has chosen a minimum resolution to penalize any user. He also made sure to make this website accessible for several different browsers.
In terms of priority groups, Article 47 of the 2005 law on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabilities provides that "online public communication services [...] must be accessible to people with disabilities. " Our provider uses an accessibility specialist appointed by the FIRAH. It is also based on the repository Accessiweb. These measures will help, especially through training sessions, progressively make available all the information provided through this website.
By public whom it is addressed and actions of general interest, the Public Departmental Network Home Help is committed to make available its communication media including its website. As part of the development of this site, it has used FEGAPEI which is a federation of associations acting Fragile persons with disabilities. The latter therefore had at heart to make this medium accessible to the standards in force. The Network therefore made sure to make its media accessible to all and allowing him to "act for all, in particular."

Article 47 of the 2005 Act:
"The public communication services online government services, local authorities and public institutions dependent on them shall be accessible to people with disabilities. The accessibility of public communication services online on access to all types of information in digital form regardless of the means of access, content and method of consultation. International recommendations for accessibility of the Internet must be applied for public communication services online. »