3 - Information to guests

Category : General management

Status : Mandatory

Type of accommodation : Accommodation

photo Information to guests

Definition (User manual)

The tourist accommodation shall also provide information to the guests to ensure the application of environmental measures and to raise awareness of environmentally responsible behaviour in accordance with the mandatory and applicable optional criteria in this EU Ecolabel. That information shall be actively given to the guests in oral or written form at the reception or in-room and shall include, in particular, the following aspects:
environmental policy of the tourist accommodation and awareness of the EU Ecolabel for tourist accommodation;
energy saving actions in relation to lights, air conditioning and heating systems when the guests leave the room or windows are opened;
water saving actions in relation to leaks checking, and changes of sheets and towels frequency;
waste reduction and separation actions in relation to disposable items, disposal categories and items that shall not be disposed of with the waste water. In addition, a poster or any other information material which would give advices to reduce food waste shall be displayed in the breakfast and dining rooms;
environmentally preferable means of transport available to guests;
the tourist accommodation shall provide information to guests on available local touristic points of interest, local guides, local restaurants, markets, craft centres.

Guests shall be given a questionnaire, via internet or at premises, asking about their views on the general environmental aspects of the tourist accommodation listed in point (a) and their overall satisfaction with the facilities and services of the tourist accommodation. A clear procedure which records customer comments, complaints, replies given and corrective actions taken shall be in place.