Environmental education

photo Environmental education


A holiday spent in tourist accommodation can be a good opportunity to provide guests with information, documentation and/or learning activities related to the natural environment, preservation of biodiversity and conservation of land and natural resources.


A space devoted to environmental documentation, instruction and educational activities for guests can be an asset that attracts customers to the establishment.


  • Initiate customers to local flora and fauna via documentation, books, posters, pictures etc.; post rules for collecting shellfish (for seashore accommodations).
  • Make binoculars, scopes and other viewing equipment available to customers for observation activities.
  • Propose activities in conjunction with nature parks, environmental initiation centres, bird-watching reserves, local environmental groups; relay information on their nature outings.
  • Set up bird houses and insect hotels to encourage biodiversity within the establishment, and explain these steps to guests.
  • Plant a demonstration vegetable garden where guests can pick herbs, fruit and vegetables; label the various species cultivated.
  • Offer nature walks, on foot, bicycle or horseback, to observe birds, plants, butterflies etc.
  • Organise a mini-club for children, with different activities each day (making bird houses, identifying animal tracks, catching butterflies etc.).
  • Host events with local producers.


  • None if your establishment partners with other organisations and simply relays information on their activities .
  • Low when creating a documentation centre or building bird houses.
  • Some investment required for binoculars and viewing scopes.
  • The cost of recruiting a nature guide can be offset by asking guests to pay for certain activities.


  • Make this criterion into a competitive advantage for your establishment, setting it apart from others.
  • Increase the range of services offered by your establishement.


  • Time required to set up activities.