5 - Consumption monitoring

Category : General management

Status : Mandatory

Type of accommodation : Accommodation

photo Consumption monitoring

Definition (User manual)

The tourist accommodation shall have procedures for collecting and monitoring data monthly or, at least, yearly, on the following aspects as a minimum:


specific energy use (kWh/guest night and/or kWh/m2 (of indoor area)year);


percentage of final energy use met by renewable energy generated on site (%);


water consumption per guest-night (litres/guest-night) including the water used for irrigation (if applicable) and any other activities related to water consumption;


waste generation per guest-night (kg/guest-night). Food waste shall be monitored separately (5);


consumption of chemical products for cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, sanitising and other special cleaners (e.g. swimming pool backwashing) (kg or litres/guest-night), specifying if they are ready-to-use or undiluted;


percentage of ISO Type I label products (%) used under the applicable optional criteria in this EU Ecolabel Decision.